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July 01, 2019

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘cruelty-free.’ There was a time when the cosmetics industry was notorious for its unethical forms of product testing on animals. Better regulation over the years has brought about a welcome change in the industry’s research and experimentation real but there are still many products that are hurting our ocean and marine animals.

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If you’re a friend of the ocean and want to help protect underwater creatures, join our movement! The Ocean Vibe is a socially conscientious e-commerce group that’s committed to raising awareness about issues facing our ocean. Today, we’re discussing commercial goods that harm marine animals in the making. Here’s what you should watch out for (and preferably boycott).

1. Squalane-based products

Cosmetics like lipstick, moisturizers and deodorants make use of an oily substance called squalane. This makes a good, non-greasy base for skin products and has plenty of antioxidants for better skin health.

However, squalane oil is derived from the liver of sharks. That shouldn’t be a problem per se. But the kinds of sharks hunted and killed for this ingredient are known to be slow breeders. About 3,000 sharks are killed to produce a ton of squalene. This means they can’t replace their populations at the rate that they’re being killed and that easily puts them on the map for extinction.

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2. Coral jewelry

Coral jewelry isn’t illegal. But the harvest of coral is strictly regulated to ensure the reef’s survival. The sad part is that getting these licenses to harvest and sell coral are hard to get, so many vendors perform the task illegally. This means coral is being harvested at unsustainable rates, depleting the reef and disrupting the giant ecosystem it supports. 

3.  Products made from sea turtles

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All except one sea turtle species have been declared endangered. To keep from their population from further declining, all trade involving sea turtle-based products is banned worldwide. So even when someone claims to be selling you legally obtained products, know that they’re lying. Sea turtle eggs are particularly prone to illegal poaching, but such activities will only thrive in regions where there’s demand. Say no to all such products and save our sea turtles!

4. Shrimp

These marine critters are a seafood delicacy around the world. To catch shrimp, fishers deploy large nets that end up capturing many unintended animals. These are known as by-catch. For just one pound of shrimp, five pounds of by-catch are captured, killed and tossed mercilessly back into the sea.

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Don’t let this happen. If you’re an ocean lover, fight the tide of injustice. Make sure your money doesn’t go into the pockets of illegal trade organizations. Instead, help out conservation groups like the Ocean Conservancy and the Sea Turtles Preservation Association.

You can do this by shopping some ocean-themed accessories from us and we’ll donate a percentage to them. Our newsletter subscribers can get monthly updates on our donation details!

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