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July 03, 2019

The marine life is suffering and it’s partly our fault. According to studies, over 800 marine and coastal species are affected from debris and waste.

Around 50 trillion particles of floating microplastics are found in the ocean today, and only we’re to blame.

So the real question is; what can we do to save the ocean?

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We, at the Ocean Vibe, have been working hard for years to bring about a positive change to help the marine life. Join us in making a difference and make your contribution by buying our ocean inspired clothing. Here’s some other ways in which you can subvert the impending threat to the marine life:

Preventing Ocean Acidification

The National Network for Ocean and Climatic Change Interpretation (NNOCCI) refers to ocean acidification as osteoporosis of the sea. This phenomenon occurs when the ocean’s pH level drops because of excessive Carbon Dioxide (CO2) absorption by the ocean.

As a result, sea creatures with a calcium skeleton suffer because they’re unable to build and maintain their shells. According to a 2016 study, ocean acidification can cause the shells of animals in tide pools to disintegrate at night.   

We can control ocean acidification by minimizing the use of fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas. You can start by avoiding using your car and cycling or walking instead, by keeping the heat down and turning off the lights when you’re not using them. All these initiatives will reduce the CO2emission into the atmosphere, and thus into the ocean.

Avoiding Climate Change

Climate change has been on the news for a while now. The consequences of this environmental change are magnanimous and affecting all of us. As we all should know, burning fossil fuels releases CO2into the atmosphere, which in turn affects the environment in its entirety.

Global warming is worsening, as our activities continue to add to the CO2blanket around Earth. You can see the aftereffects of this phenomenon in the form of strange temperature changes around the world and most visibly, the melting ice caps of Antarctica.

With the polar ice melting and water bodies getting warmer, things are far worse for marine life. This is also one reason why a large number of marine species are migrating up North, in search of the ideal temperatures.

As mentioned above, more efficient transportation means and renewable energy projects are required to reduce the emission of CO2into the atmosphere. Many countries are now banning the use of plastic bags to support the cause, and help combat the problem to protect our marine pals.

Combating Overfishing

Overfishing is a self-explanatory environmental concern. According to the UN, fish make for 20% of animal protein intake for around 3 billion people. Further reports by FAO state that around 90% of fish stocks have been exhausted or overfished to a biologically unsustainable level.

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Overfishing occurs for reasons like seafood, medicinal purposes, for souvenirs and aquariums, etc. Irresponsible and reckless fishing practices have led to several fish species becoming endangered—southern bluefin tuna, haddock and totoaba, for example. The need for sustainable fishing has never been more important, but despite fishing regulations, the problem continues to escalate.

So what can you do to fight this problem? Buy your fish locally and don’t purchase from purveyors who aren’t sure where the fish is sourced from and how it’s caught. A local fisherman will be able to answer all these questions, giving you the satisfaction that you’re not a part of irresponsible fishing practices.

At Ocean Vibe, we work diligently to help the marine life thrive in a risk-free environment. Buy women casual shoes online and support us in this mission. For further queries or information, contact us today.  

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