April 10, 2019

Sea pollution is a major cause of the world’s water problems. You can helpsave the ocean by donating 10 percent of your income to ocean conservation charities like the Sea Turtles Preservation Association and Ocean Conservancy. Shop some coolocean-themed goodies from our website and make your contribution now!

Image showing infographic for sea pollution

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April 23, 2019

The Ocean Vibe offers more than just ocean conservation apparel like wearable blanket with hood. Every month, we donate 10 percent of our total income to two organizations, the Ocean Conservancy and the Sea Turtles Preservation Association.
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Rivers are a major source of fresh water for us. They’re also home to thousands of freshwater marine species such as dolphins. And while you’d think we’d want to protect the health of our rivers because of these reasons, lately, we’ve been doing a lot of things wrong.
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If you want tosave the ocean join forces with us! The Ocean Vibe is an e-commerce group that comprises ocean lovers and environmentalists like you. Shop ourocean themed apparel and help us donate to ocean conservationist groups. For more information, you can get in touch with ushere.
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