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July 09, 2019

Aquatic Biome refers to all the habitats that predominantly consist of water. This includes everything from brackish mangroves and tropical reefs to Arctic lakes. Of all the biomes in the world, the aquatic biome is the largest, occupying 71% of the earth’s surface. There are several varieties of habitats that thrive in the aquatic biome, where even a greater and diverse number of species survive.

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While aquatic habitats can be categorized into several different zones based on characteristics like tidal zone, proximity to land and temperature, aquatic biomes are divided into only two distinct categories—freshwater habitats and marine habitats. Light penetration is a major factor that can affect the aquatic biome’s composition. The more the light gets through, the easier it is for light-dependant organisms to carry out photosynthesis. This is called the photic zone. The zone where there isn’t sufficient light for photosynthesis is called the aphotic zone.

A wide variety of wildlife thrives in the aquatic biome. Here’s a little about few of them:


This fish species lives among the tentacles of sea anemones. It’s protected by a mucus layer over its body that keeps it from getting stung by the anemones. However, other fish species are very much susceptible to anemone stings and so in a way, anemonefish are rather protected by the anemone which keeps the predators at bay. They also drive away any fish species that feed on the anemone.

Great White Shark

This large fish that grows up to 15 feet long is a known mighty predator. They’re most commonly found in warm coastal waters and are some of the most skilled fishes at hunting. Great white sharks have hundreds of sharp, triangular, teeth in their mouth that aid in hunting and killing the prey.  

Loggerhead Sea Turtles

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A species of marine turtles, loggerhead sea turtle bedding can be found in water bodies like the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. They’ve become an endangered species, largely because these innocent little fellows get entangled in the fishing gears. These turtles spend most of their life at sea, and only come to land to lay eggs.

Dwarf Sea Horse

Dwarf sea horses are one of the sea horse species that are as tiny as one inch. These little sea pals of ours live in the waters around areas like Bahamas, Bermuda and Florida Keys. They’re also found n the seagrass beds in the Gulf of Mexico. The dwarf sea horses grab onto the seagrass-blades while they graze on small planktons that come by with the water current.

Unfortunately, our irresponsible activities have brought many of these innocent marine lives to the verge of extinction. Several have already been categorized as endangered and if we weren’t to take corrective action, we might wipe out several beautiful species that have inhabited this planet for a long time.

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