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July 12, 2019

The ocean is part of our planet, part of our life, and hopefully, part of a future that we hope to see. However, it’s struggling and without conscious effort from our side, the ocean and the life it contains may suffer greatly. The United Nations reports that around 800 species are affected by marine debris and around 80% of it is just plastic.

Socially responsible companies, like the Ocean Vibe, which is an ecommerce store that donates 10% of its income in the cause of ocean conservation, and with a little effort of our own, we too can play a small, but valuable, role in making a difference. Here are some ocean-friendly habits to help you get started:

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Trash and Plastic

Garbage and plastic is perhaps the biggest reason why marine animals suffer untimely death. Sea turtles mistake plastic pieces for food sources like jellyfish and also get entangled in plastic fishing lines and wrappings. We can easily protect marine pals from all these dangers by simply looking after our trash and cutting down our use of plastic. Develop a simple habit of picking up any garbage you see and if you want to do something more, you could organize an ocean cleanup or volunteer in one.

Water Conservation

Save the environment, save some money – every heard of that? All you’ve to do is follow some simple and easy steps: look into your water consumption and try to conserve as much water as possible. Check for leaks regularly and close the tap while brushing your teeth or while changing your water heads. The less water you waste, the more water there is for everyone to use; and this includes all those ocean lives you value so much.

The Source of Your Food

You can also help the ocean by being careful and wary about where your food comes from. When you go to buy fish, ask the vendor where they caught the fish from. If you find them hesitating to answer, take it as a cue of some illegal or shady activity. The ocean may look like it’s full of fish, but they’re in limited number and struggling due to overfishing.

Experience is the Best Way to Go

What’s better than learning from experience and then practicing it? If the ocean life means something to you, we suggest you participate in different conservation activities and take the mission in your own hands. We promise that you’ll find this experience to be very rewarding – you’ll get to meet other people with similar beliefs and would be able to build a deeper connection with nature.

If this sounds like too much adventure to you, you could simply support us by buying our ocean themed products. We want to help make this planet a safe place for the marine life. For further information and details, contact us today!

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