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June 20, 2019

Global warming has been a climate news headlines for many years now. Due to this phenomenon, the average temperature of earth has risen, resulting in a range of climatic changes. These significant climatic changes are a result of a warm blanket that has formed around the earth due to constant release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This shield traps heat and thus, causes an overall heating effect on the planet. Because oceans cover around 71% of the earth’s surface, they’re affected most.

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Here’s more on how global warming affects marine life:

Food Supply

Phytoplankton are single-celled plants that are found on the ocean’s surface and use photosynthesis to sea life bedding sets acquire nutrients. This process uses sunlight to convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into oxygen and organic carbon. A NASA study reports that phytoplankton are more likely to survive in cooler waters.

Algae are also marine species that use photosynthesis to grow and provide food supply for other marine animals. The changing temperature of the water has made it difficult for algae and phytoplankton to carry out the process and provide sufficient nutrients for other aquatic animals.

Annual Growth Cycles

The warming of the ocean has led to a non-synchronous natural environment. Most organisms need oxygen and light for optimal survival but phytoplankton is unable to provide these nutrients due to the effects of global warming. Since phytoplankton are temperature-driven organisms, they’ve to start their cycles earlier because the water becomes warm later on. However, this causes problems for light-driven creatures that travel all the way to the surface in search of nutrients, only to find nothing. As a result, the whole food chain is affected as a consequence of global warming.  


High concentration of carbon dioxide in the ocean’s composition can lead to higher acidity levels. This is an unfortunate effect of global warming, which also reduces the number of phytoplankton in the water. Consequently, there’s a shortage of nutrient supply in the ocean which in turn threatens the life of marine animals like shell fish and corals.

Corals are another major source of food for marine animals which is being negatively affected due to global warming. The coral skeleton is made of calcium carbonate which starts to disintegrate as the levels of CO2 start to rise. As a result, the carbonate ions vanish and their shells become weak.

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Warmer temperatures also cause coral bleaching, which is the breakdown in the relationship between algae and coral. Coral gets its characteristic colors from algae. When the CO2 level in the water increases, it causes coral stress in which it releases the algae. As a result, the coral becomes lighter in color, and starts losing its strength. A significant effect of this phenomenon is the overall suffering of the ocean species due to insufficient nutrients.

Global warming is largely a result of human activities that have led to increased concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. As such, it’s our responsibility to ensure that other inhabitants of the planet don’t continue to suffer. Join us in a bigger cause and support us by buying our ocean themed products. At Ocean Vibe, we do what we can to help our marine fellows. Contact us for more information.

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