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April 27, 2019

The birds that can’t fly but can swim; penguins are often called the best dressed animals on earth. They’re actually very crucial in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

The changing environment is affecting several species of penguins animal conservation clothing that are starting to vanish. As the temperatures continue to rise, the snow starts to melt which poses a threat to Antarctic penguins. Some penguin species like South American and African ones have adapted to warmer temperatures. All in all, the changes in the climate conditions are decreasing the penguin population in general, and that’s not great news for the environment.

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Here’s why:

Tell About the Ocean

Like many other animals, penguins are sentinel species that can provide us with essential insights about their ecosystems. For instance, the rate at which the penguin population is reducing globally somewhat indicates that something is going on in the ocean which is causing them to migrate. Oceans are a significant part of all the ecosystems on earth—phytoplankton is known to produce over half the oxygen in our environment.

The decreasing number of penguins maybe indicative of a simpler problem like the shifting of their prey or something more crucial like rising concentrations of carbon dioxide leading to increased acidification of the ocean. This can affect the growth of light-dependant species which are important in absorbing the carbon in the ocean and also serve as food source for krill, which penguins feed on.

Tell About Soil Changes

Soil in the Maritime Antarctic gets much of its nutrients from breeding penguins. During this time, the penguins enrich the land and water with their feces, something that land birds also do. Also known as ornithogenic impact,it increases the concentration of remains from birds, seals and bats, which acts as fertilizer for the soil. Much like the fertilizer you use in your garden, this accumulated waste is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon. If the population of penguins starts to drop, the soil is likely to become relatively less nutritious.

Tells About Disturbance in Food Chain

Penguins are mesopredators—they prey on smaller animals. Some of their most common preys are fish, squid, anchovies and krill. In turn, they’re also a prey for other animals like leopard seals, fur seals, sea lion and orcas. If mesopredators are taken out of the food chain, it could lead to trophic cascade ecosystem interactions. This is a phenomenon in which any slight changes in the ecosystem can lead to much larger implications and effects in the overall ecosystem.

Penguins are cute and adorable, and it’d be a shame to lose them. Come join us in protecting the marine life from the harmful effects of global warming and other concerns. Buy our ocean themed apparel and make your contribution in protecting these innocent lives. For more queries and details, reach out to us today.

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