September 15, 2018

There is very few marine locations today that offer wonderful dive vacations and healthy reefs without some type of organized protection.  A lot of scuba divers are very passionate about preserving coral reefs for future generations which is why it is important to highlight all the excellent work that is being done to protect the marine life and habitat in popular diving destinations.

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Coral reefs are an essential part of the ocean’s ecosystem and they are under threat from unsustainable fishing methods and climate change. Coral reefs support the web of underwater life and if they are destroyed, it’ll mean disaster for a lot of fish populations and the humans that depend on them. Some of the consequences of the destruction of coral reefs for human societies include land erosion, insufficient food, not to mention the collapse of the very rewarding tourist industry.

What are some of the methods of safeguarding Coral Reefs?

A simple way of safeguarding these marine treasures is to create national marine parks and protected areas. This way, the local community will be a part of the preservation efforts, and they’ll also benefit from preserving this marine resource.  Additionally, government bodies need to get more involved in preservation effects so that long-term planning and enforcement of protective policies can be ensured. With strong backing from the government, local participation as well as NGO support, these national marine parks and protected areas can truly flourish and will be able to provide continuous returns for the local residents and of course, the ocean.

The Benefits that come from Marine Reserves

Some of the ocean preservation efforts are already being noticed and marine protected areas are starting to see the fruits of the work done. Coral reefs are starting to recover, the locals (particularly those that participated in destructive fishing practices) are now forging alternate livelihoods for themselves, and tourism is a boom. The income from tourism is being ensured for long-term basis in areas once thought of as being destined for a quick and permanent decline. The local residents and their children are being educated on the importance of safeguarding the reef which in turn is giving birth to a more informed, and a more in-touch coastal community that respects and understands the fragility of their environment.

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Recreational scuba diving vacations are also vital to coral reef conservation efforts. Divers that come for scuba vacations in the area are bringing in something vital to the preservation efforts; revenue. This revenue is used to further fund preservation programs, provide for the rehabilitation of mangrove plantations and reefs, help to clean up the waters and the beach, and in implementing patrols of the region that’ll enforce the ban on poaching.

Ocean and marine preservation is something that every one of us needs to take part in and hopefully, this article will encourage you to support marine protected areasby paying them regular visits and getting involved in any way you can. The money earned from your visit to the local economy is essential and will go a long way.                                                                                           


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